18BGINDIAN_PASSPOR_1398299fThe below announcement has been released from Kenya Immigration:

Foreign Nationals Services ( eFNS)
This is to inform the General Public that as from 1st March 2016, all Foreign Nationals Services i.e Permits & Passes, Aliens Card, Permanent Residence & Kenya Citizenship Applications will be made online via

14 thoughts on “IMMIGRATION APPLICATIONS NOW ONLINE – 25 Feb, 2016

  1. rejoice says:

    My name is Rejoice, south sudanese. What would advice would you give, if I had sent my passport for renewal and now is back but without the old passport from my country; i understand the old is never returned after renewal. now the new passport needs any stamp for endorsement? because it has no existing one? or do I have to travel outside the country for the same. I also want to register my marriage to the state department of civil marriages to my kenyan spouse

  2. Odile says:

    Hello, I am Odile. I have created my fns account. There is a request to check the link. But I don’t know how to do it. Thanks

    • fathershandltd says:

      Dear Oldie,

      For assistance with your FNS account, kindly visit Nyayo House, on the third floor for assistance. The officers on that floor deal with all the technical issues related to FNS.

  3. gorgeo236 says:

    You are a great blogger, your description is very unique on immigration services. I love it and it is also good for those who want to know more about it. Thanks for post.

  4. Florence says:

    Good morning

    I have been trying to log on to the immigration website since yesterday to see my applications but the website is an available,

    • fathershandltd says:

      Dear Florence,

      The immigration website is currently under maintenance. Kindly contact the immigration office directly to find out when the website will be operative. You can find the Nyayo House contacts via

    • fathershandltd says:

      Dear Madam,

      Thank you for contacting us. I’m not sure what you mean by you cannot fill the form online. Do you mean that the immigration website is down? You can contact immigration directly on the following numbers provided by immigration; 020 – 2222022, 020 – 2217544, 020 – 2218833.

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