Our Goal

Immigration made easier for less…

US PassportsMultiple organizations and many individuals testify of suffering a loss of time and money while trying to obtain correct immigration documentation for themselves or for their employees. According to a recent survey, foreigners rate the visa and work permit application process as one of the most frustrating experiences in Kenya. Many have had to pay hefty fees as a result of the process taking longer than promised. Others have simply quit the process and sustained their legality on a tourist visa but pay the price of having to frequently leave the country.

“…to facilitate an efficient transition of international individuals into Kenya…”

Our company is composed of a result driven team that will ensure competent, reliable, and efficient service to clientele. CLICK HERE TO READ OUR IMMIGRATION SERVICES.

Travel MixOUR GOAL

Our goal is to facilitate an efficient transition of international individuals into Kenya through providing support and assistance that ensures a smooth process of obtaining relevant visas and permits.

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