Our Immigration Services

Our services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Work/ Entry Permits
  • Alien Registration ID’s
  • Visas
  • Dependency Passes
  • Permanent Residence/ Citizenship
  • Dual Citizenship
  • Kenyan Passport

Our work involves:

  1. Making inquiries to the department of immigration on your behalf
  2. Ensuring you receive all the necessary and correct information the first time round, including the correct costs for each required permit/ visa
  3. Ensuring you apply for the correct type of permit/ visa
  4. Submission of application forms and supporting documents, on your behalf
  5. Close monitoring and follow-up of the applications in process
  6. Collection and delivery of all permits/ visas

immigration documents


  1. Kenyan/ International organizations, including non-profits employing expatriates
  2. Expatriates employed in Kenya
  3. Expatriates doing business in Kenya
  4. Missionaries and Pastors in Kenya
  5. Expatriates (over the age of 35) wishing to retire in Kenya


  1. We save you from experiencing the long, frustrating queues including the unnecessary back and forth travel while trying to navigate the process of your Suitcase traveldocumentation
  2. We save you from paying fees for unnecessary permits
  3. We save you money by helping you avoid cons and bribes
  4. Reduce the stress of follow-up for immigration documents
  5. Save you from hefty penalties including a possible jail term for being in the country illegally
  6. We are very accessible; our prompt responses to clients’ inquiries as well as our method of frequent updates on the development of clients’ application make us a premier cost-effective choice

CONTACT US for assistance.

16 thoughts on “Our Immigration Services

  1. Ann Claire says:

    Hello. Your firm was recommended for citizenship. Mine is more of a query. I will be grateful if I could engage you on this via email

  2. Frank says:

    Can you tell me how long the Processing time for a Permanent Residence Permit in Kenya is based on marriage (now 8 years) to a female citizen? I was told at least 2 years? That cant be.

  3. Nalini sumaria says:

    I read in a the Daily Nation that you offer clients on temporary stay. I am interested in knowing host you operate.

      • Reine says:

        Hi I’m Burundian married to a Kenyan. I wish to get a job here, should I apply for work permit or A PR

      • fathershandltd says:

        Dear Reinina,

        Thank you for contacting us. You should apply for a work permit if you would like to begin working in Kenya. You can then apply for PR via marriage after you receive your work permit. PR is quite a lengthy procedure; it can take a few years before you receive it.

    • fathershandltd says:

      Hello sir, thank you for contacting us. We do provide services to private individuals. We are located in Kilimani, Nairobi. Kindly send us an email if you would like to schedule an appointment.

  4. Lynn Marshall says:

    I was married in Kenya 3 years ago to a Kenyan. And I want to look into a divorce. Do u have any info on the procedure or cost? I’m a Canadian.

    • fathershandltd says:

      Hi Lynn, thank you for contacting us. A law firm will be able to assist with the divorce procedure. We are an immigration agency sorely dealing with immigration paperwork as well as relocation. If you do not have a lawyer in mind, do let us know and we can refer you to some. To get a quick response, send your request directly to info@fathershandltd.com.

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