NGO Board Instructions

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NGO Board Instructions for Class D Application or Special Pass Application with an NGO (Non-Profit) Employment

Any applicant being employed by an NGO must now be cleared by the NGO Board to work in Kenya BEFORE they proceed to apply at Immigration. The NGO Board will provide the applicant with a clearance letter which the applicant will then include as part of the documents required for by Immigration. The same goes for Work Permit or Special Pass renewals.

Note that the NGO Board meets ONCE a month to clear applicants. An additional Approval meeting was introduced late 2014; basically all approved files must enter this secondary approval meeting which could take another 2-3 weeks. Kindly note that these meetings are sometimes cancelled and pushed to the next week and so this can cause extra delays on the waiting period.

It is, therefore, important that applicants submit their applications way in advance of the start date of employment/volunteer agreement.

Below is the process for clearance at the NGO Board;

  1. ORIGINAL covering letter from your employer requesting the NGO Board for a recommendation letter for the Work Permit or the Special Pass. The letter can be worded exactly as the one your employer will write to Immigration (see the “Entry Permits” page under the Class D section for instructions on this letter. We can also provide draft letters for those who use our services); however with the following changes;
    Address the letter as follows;
    Executive Director
    NGOs Co-ordination Board
    P.O.BOX 44617-00100
    Nairobi, KENYA
    Ministry of State for Immigration and Registration of Persons
    Director of Immigration Services
    Nyayo House
    Nairobi, KENYA

    1. All letters need to be printed on the Employer’s Letterhead
    2. All letters need to be signed and stamped with the Kenyan Addressed stamp of the employer
    3. For Renewals; the letter needs to confirm that the applicant’s contract has been renewed and reason for renewal. The letter must have an updated date, signature and Kenyan addressed Stamp of the employer
  2. Endorsement Form: NGO Board Work Permit Endorsement Form
    1. The form must be signed and stamped by the employer (Kenyan addressed stamp)
  3. If applying for a Work Permit, duly filled applications Form 25 Application for Entry Permit and Form 27 Class D Application
  • Form 27 – This form needs to be filled by the employer and each page of this form needs to be signed and stamped by the employer with the Kenyan Addressed stamp of the company. The area to be signed and stamped is at the bottom of each page.
  • Form 25 -The applicant needs to fill the initial section on the form. The employer will need to fill Part 1 of Form 25 as well as sign. The form must be stamped within the area of signature with the Kenyan Addressed stamp of the company. Note that question 18 must be filled in its entirety. If you do not have a Kenyan citizen trainee for the post, give clear, specific reasons and state a date when a trainee will be hired. The application will not be accepted if clear dates are not specified as to when a trainee will be hired.

If you have an understudy (Kenyan citizen trainee), the following information must be provided;

  • Name of understudy
  • Certified copies of their academic certificates and full contact of understudy – Address, email, cell phone number.

4. If applying for a Special Pass, duly filled application FORM 32 Special Pass – Transit Form. This form must be stamped by the employer with the Kenyan Addressed stamp of the company.

5. Letter of Appointment and Contract. For Renewals: the letter of Appointment and Contract must have updated dates, signature and stamp. The letter of Appointment must confirm renewal of applicant’s appointment.

6. Certified copies of Academic/ Professional Certificates

7.Detailed Curriculum Vitae (CV) –(if not in English, these must be translated into English and Certified by either Embassies or Notary Public)

8. Certified copy of Applicant’s passport

9. 2 Passport size photos (not older than 6 months, must be taken full face without hat, and the photographs must not be mounted. The size of the face must not be more than 2 ½ inches by 2 inches or less than 2 inches by 1 ½ inches. The photographs must be printed on normal thin photographic paper and must not be glazed).

10. Copy of the Advertisement of the required position (if applicable). If there was no advertisement, kindly give reason in the attached endorsement form

The above documents must be provided for in duplicate

Processing Fee will cost as follows;

  • Application for Work Permit – KES 20,000
  • Renewal of Work Permit – KES 20,000
  • Special Pass – KES 16,000
  • Appeal – KES 16,000

Payments by cheque or cash should be made to;

ACCOUNT NO: 01136030582102

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