Passport Guidelines

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This is to inform the general public that all Kenyan passport applications must now be made via Manual applications will not be accepted.

Source: and Huduma KENYA

NOTE: The Applicant must be present during submission of the passport as well as collection of the passport. Agents can no longer submit/ collect passports on behalf of the applicant.

A Kenyan who intends to acquire or to travel outside Kenya shall submit an application for a passport to the Passport Control Officer in the manner prescribed below.

An application shall be accompanied by:-

  • Documentary evidence of Kenyan citizenship i.e. original & copies of Birth Certificate and National Identity Card, or a Certificate of Naturalization or Registration and Renunciation Certificate of former citizenship.
  • Current clear and un-mounted three passport size photographs as may be directed by the Passport Control Officer.
  • The Application must be recommended in section ‘7’ by a citizen of Kenya such as Minister of religion, a Minister or Legal Practitioner, an established Civil Servant or Bank Official personally acquainted with the applicant, but not by immediate relatives. The recommender must attach a copy of his/her National ID or passport.
  • In the case of an applicant who is below the age of eighteen years, the parents or legal guardian’s written consent.
  • In case of an applicant who is adopted, the original adoption certificate, clearance letter from the children’s department, and or, the Court ruling or award.
  • In case of married woman, documentary evidence of marriage e.g. Sworn Affidavit, marriage certificate.
  • Prescribed fee.

CONTACT US for more details of the requirements needed to apply for a Kenyan Passport.

Further Notes:

  • Immediately upon collection of a new Passport, it is important that one reads through the notes, appends his/her signature and notes the Immigration reference number(R. No)
  • Applicants under 18 years of age must have one of the Parents’/Guardians’ consent letter and a copy of the National Identity Card
  • Applicant’s copy of National Identity Card is MANDATORY for every application

Disqualification of Application for Passports

A Passport Control Officer shall disqualify the application of any person:-

  • Who is not a citizen of Kenya
  • Who gives false information for the purpose of obtaining a passport
  • Submits incomplete forms
  • In respect of whom there is evidence of involvement in passport fraud, passport forgery or international crime(s).

7 thoughts on “Passport Guidelines

  1. juliet says:

    hello, i am having issues when it comes to putting the recommenders phone number. I am always told “please put a valid phone number”

  2. Zeinab says:

    Hi Father’s hand,I have a question what happens when the father of a child’s whereabouts are not known and a consent letter is required for the child to travel?Thankyou

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