Online Tourist Visa Application

For the latest updates always check with immigration’s website at 

Immigration has confirmed that tourists are, again, able to manually apply for their visas at the airport/ obtain their visas upon arrival in Kenya (this notice came after applicants faced many issues with the online tourist visa application which, for a couple of months, had been made the sole mandatory application method for obtaining a tourist visa).

The manual application is still running concurrently with the online visa application method, so those wishing to apply online are still able to do so.

For information/ instructions on how to apply online, please visit the following link:

To apply for your tourist visa online, please click HERE (

All visa application instructions and the online form will be found on the above link.

As stated on the link above, it takes at least 2 working days to receive your visa; however, we would recommend applying for your visa at least 2-3 weeks before your travel date as many users have experienced delays with the system.

In case of a delay, you can get in touch with eCitizen via the following contacts;

  • | +254 772 246 669 | +254 708 206 206
  • The organization is notorious for not picking phones so in that case, you can also reach them via their facebook page at
  • Their Working hours are from between 8am – 12:30pm and 2pm-5pm; however, the best times to reach them are between 8:30am – 12pm and 2:30pm – 4pm.

Please refer to the Kenya Embassy/Consulate in your country for travel instructions such as required shots, required travel documents (apart from your visa). Such information can be found HERE 

If you, for any reason, need to get in touch with us, kindly find our contact details HERE