Virtual Assistance

Our virtual assistants are proactive problem solvers with proven ability to efficiently plan and manage multiple assignments within given deadlines. Whether you are a professor, entrepreneur, or individual wearing too many hats, our team will lighten your load by taking time-consuming tasks off your plate so you can focus on what is more important.

Administration & Organization
• Email management
• Client correspondence
• Payroll
• Data entry
• Online research
• Manage your calendar and schedule meetings
• Preparing slideshows ( PowerPoint presentations)
• Find and order products and services
• Recruitment
• Manage contact lists up and customer spreadsheets
• Schedule appointments with doctors, trainers, salons, etc.
• Event planning and coordination
• Filing

 Travel & Reservations
• Hotel and flight booking
• Car rental reservations
• Supply travel visa requirements
• Holiday planning within Kenya

Academic Assistance
• Course research and brainstorming
• Assist teachers in formulating assignments and exams
• Assist teachers in grading assignments and exams
• Advise/guide students in written assignments
• English tutoring
• Edit written assignments

2 thoughts on “Virtual Assistance

  1. Molly Manning says:

    My name is Molly Manning. Do you help foreigners find jobs within Kenya too? If so I am interested in connecting with someone. I’m currently not in Kenya though, I’m back in the USA. Thank you.

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