About Us

Father’s Hand Limited (FHL) is a relocation company for expatriates moving to Kenya for short and long term assignments.

FH Logo ontop of words for WebsiteOUR MISSION
Our mission is to facilitate an efficient transition of international individuals into Kenya through providing support and assistance that ensures a smooth relocation process.


Our services include but are not limited to the following:

1. Immigration services – we handle the immigration application process on behalf of our clients, such as work permits, and ensure that our clients continue to remain fully compliant with the immigration department of Kenya. Read HERE for more information on our immigration services.

Our company is ACCREDITED by immigration to handle all paperwork on behalf of any individual/company that chooses to be our client. For proof of our accreditation, kindly CONTACT US.

2. Accommodation/ Relocation services – examples of these include accommodation search, area orientation, school placement for children, post box registration, e.t.c. Read HERE for more information on our relocation services.

3. Tax Registration and tax payment services for employees and companies alike – we ensure our clients’ monthly tax contributions are submitted duly and on time to the relevant tax authorities and institutions in Kenya. Read HERE for more information on our tax registration services.

4. Virtual Assistance – Our virtual assistants are proactive problem solvers with proven ability to efficiently plan and manage multiple assignments within given deadlines. Whether you are a professor, entrepreneur, or individual wearing too many hats, our team will lighten your load by taking time-consuming tasks off your plate so you can focus on what is more important. Read HERE for more information on our virtual assistance services.

5. Administration & Logistical Support – FHL offers cost effective administration solutions for SMEs, managers, and off-shore companies (with employees and clients in Kenya). Our goal is to empower businesses to do what they do more efficiently. Our strong organizational and management skills enable individuals and businesses to regain time and energy to focus on other tasks while FHL takes care of the more mundane activities. Read HERE for more information on our Administration & Logistical Support services.

1. Kenyan companies employing foreigners
3. International companies sending employees to work in Kenya
2. Missionary Societies and Non-profits
4. Expatriate individuals wishing to invest, work or retire in Kenya

Father’s Hand Limited runs a Training Institute (FHL Training Institute) at the Kamiti Maximum Prison. The training will be expounded to other prisons in Kenya, and eventually outside of the prison walls. FIND OUT MORE HERE

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